SORT VAULT RCO AI-Driven Revenue Cycle Optimization

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Summarizing Value Proposition

Revenue Cycle Optimization Solution Overview

Actionable Revenue Cycle Insights

  • Financial Insights
  • Charge Integrity Insights
  • Denial Insights
  • Patient (Care Gap, Collections) Insights
  • Overall Practice Insights

Revenue Optimization

  • AR/Denial Analytics & Prevention
  • Charge/Claim Integrity Assurance
  • Enhanced Patient Collections
  • Quality of Care & Patient Outcomes Improvement
  • Improved Operations Efficiency

AI-Driven Edge to maximize Revenue Cycle Outcomes

Holistic Capabilities for Provider Performance Improvement

Apps Menu which show cases comprehensive tools and capabilities of the solution

Holistic Insights in a Unified Platform

  • Revenue Analytics
  • Contract Performance Analytics
  • Quality of Care
  • Reports
  • Registries
  • Work Queues

Charge Integrity Assurance

  • Charge Edits and Automated Validations

  • Claim Profiling

  • Clinical Data Quality Edits

  • Continuous Learning

Revenue Optimization (Charge Integrity Assurance)

Charge Integrity Assurance

Automating Manual Edits

Automate Claim Edits which are currently done manually Insurance / Health Plan / Clinical / Data Validation edits

Edits based on Denials/Pended Claims

Edits based on Historical Pended Claims Edits based on Denials Past, Current

Payer Edits (LCDs, Billing Manuals)

New edits based on LCDs for the Top Payers New edits based on billing policies

Value to Client

Net Revenue Increase

Improved First Pass Payment Rate

Improved Cash Flow

Reduced Operations (Staff) Costs

Revenue Optimization (AR/Denials Management)

AR/Denials Management

AR Aging Analysis

AR Aging Dashboards / Charts AR Aging Analysis Tools & Insights

Denial Analysis

Denial Dashboards Denial Root Cause Analysis Tools Denial Prevention Inputs (Edits)

AR/Denial Work Queues

AR Denial Work Queues Work Queues at Practice / Provider / Payer level

Value to Client

Increase Net Revenues

Reduced Denials

Improved Cash Flow

Reduced Operations (Staff) Cost

Revenue Optimization (Patient Collections & Care Gap)

Patient Collections & Care Gap Analysis

Patient Collections

Patient Pay Dashboards / Charts Patient Pay Analysis Tools Patient Statement Generation

Care Gap Analysis

Care Gap Reports / Statements Care Gap Analysis Dashboards / Charts / Tools

Value to Client

Net Revenue Increase

Reduced Operations (Staff) Costs

Improved Cash Flow

Quality of Care Improvement

Revenue Optimization (Revenue Cycle KPIs & Dashboards)

Revenue Cycle Operations Monitoring

Executive Dashboards

CEO Dashboard Key Performance Indicators Reports

Operational Dashboards

Operational Dashboards (Corporate) Operational Dashboards (Team) Reports

Value to Client

Operational Transparency

Performance Monitoring & Improvement

Practice Agility

Key Benefits

Net Revenue Increase by 10-15%

Reduced Manpower Cost (Around 20 %)

Improved Cash Flow

Business Operations Transparency

Improved Practice Performance

Improved Client Satisfaction

Practice Agility