Medical Record Review

Numina’s Medical Record Review Services provide effective tools to augment clients’ ability to influence the outcome of their cases related to short and long-term disability, workers compensation, personal injury, and auto liability. Our team of qualified professionals is specially trained to help analyze diverse medical records, develop timelines, and offer detailed and thorough recommendations to clients. We help our clients with a clear and concise report.

Our Medical Record Review Services Cover

The Numina Advantage

With a team that works effectively works round the clock, we ensure outstanding medical record review solutions to health care and legal entities at a very compelling price point. The following are a few of the exclusive benefits when using our services:

Introducing SortVault-AI

*NEW* from Numina-RapidCare Group!
Automated document sorting and abstraction for the MedLegal market.

SORTVAULT-AI is a next-generation eDiscovery platform powered by AI. Learn more.