Workers compensation claims
Medical record summarization and organization services are indispensable for litigations or insurance claims involving job-related medical conditions, injuries, and similar issues.

Medical malpractice cases
Organization, retrieval, and summarization of relevant medical records also play a key role in medical malpractice cases involving deviation from medical care standards or medical negligence of providers during care delivery to patients.

The Numina MedLegal medical summarization process

  • Identifying and marking relevant treatment and symptoms
  • Generating footnotes defining rarely used medical terms
  • Flagging missing bills and records
  • Creating charts and timelines for highlighting treatment from relevant care periods

Building and analyzing the case dossier

  • Digitizing and scanning paper-based records and images, and collating these into a complete case dossier
  • Categorizing and analyzing each piece of available information received from such dossiers, and assigning appropriate attributes for integration into comprehensive reports