Ensuring that all individuals receive the care they deserve under controlled costs is one of the greatest challenges faced by healthcare payers. In the dynamic environment of complex medical procedures, shifting care standards, and changing payer payment policies, case reviews must be performed by specialists with up-to-date knowledge and experience. Numina Med Legal provides medical case review services that include evidence-based assessment of provided treatment and an expert opinion that clarifies medical necessity and medical appropriateness

Numina Med Legal’s case review process

  • Independent review organization
  • Independent peer review
  • Other case reviews

Numina Med Legal Case Review Services facilitate

  • Health care decisions that are clinically supported
  • Cost-effective healthcare decisions
  • Compliance with legislative mandates and standards
  • Health care decisions that are clinically supported
  • Second opinion options for patients
  • Evaluation of alternative therapies

We start with the fundamental principles to determine

  • Legal merit of the case
  • Breach of standard care
  • Breach of duty
  • Damages
  • Cause of damages