Due to the confidential nature of the data and demanding timeframes, many considerations go into working on E-discovery requests. An experienced partner such as Numina MedLegal can meet your counsel and stakeholder requirements to manage document production, collection, and review to gain visibility into large data sets, responses to interrogatories, depositions, trial preparation, and other allied needs.

SortVault is CUSTOMIZED for your requirements

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SortVault Platform CAPABILITIES

  • Load all documents into Numina MedLegal SortVault Platform
  • Catalog and track documents by custodian, by file type to help locate relevant custodians and data sources that matter
  • Comprehensive metadata extraction, full text extraction, full text and metadata indexing, advanced deduplication, and comprehensive reporting
  • Customizable review workflows that reduce reviewer errors and increase consistency of review, encompassing culling, processing, reporting and exporting
  • Configured workflow for automated routing and distribution to streamline document review, ensuring right documents go to right reviewer, e.g., lab notebooks, development records, invention disclosures, research notes or other specific record types
  • Customizable interactive analytics dashboards that turn data into knowledge with a drone view of your entire document collection, allowing you to drill down and profile the details, get key metrics in various contexts, discover trends and draw comparisons across the portfolio
  • Interactive timeline to browse through all documents, custodians, data tags and work productions within one convenient interface

SortVault Platform BENEFITS

  • Sophisticated and custom fit to customer-based solutions
  • Highly experienced project management
  • Simple per-document pricing amplifies cost savings
  • Full-time review staff takes care of churn
  • Instantly from Day 1 get a dedicated team reviewing different batches of documents within a matter and different legal matters across multiple counsels for quicker and more accurate handling of the E-discovery.

“Pharmaceutical is a highly regulated industry and companies can expect to be involved in significant challenges regarding product liability, drug withdrawals, warnings, M&A, antitrust, IP, class actions, mass torts and other civil matters.” 

Download the brochure or request a DEMO to learn how SortVault can be customized for your eDiscovery requirements.