Numina Med Legal has extensive expertise with medical records of injured workers in the Workers Compensation, Disability, Personal Injury, Life Care Plans, Litigation and Auto Accident industries. Our team has summarized records for Claims Adjusters, Doctors and Attorneys and also assists on records retrieval by processing requests, attaching the authorizations, etc. Our services range from medical records retrieval assistance, collation, sorting, organization, indexing, record review, records summary and records analysis, as well as medical / document transcription and revenue cycle management.  

Numina started as a Medical Transcription company in 1999 and the Medical Records Review division was created in 2010. Currently our medical-legal clients span Medical Reviews, IME companies, and a Life Care Planning company.

Numina has a total of 650 + employees of which 225 are in the Medical Records Review division. They are Life Science and Pharmacy graduates. Our Training & Quality Control teams comprise Physiotherapists, Nursing graduates and Doctors.


Numina provides you an online portal to exchange input files and finished reports. Every exchange received is immediately acknowledged with a log detailing the file name, priority, and number of pages with ETA for return of your deliverables.

All deliverables are sent to you in your specified format and are followed up by an email stating what was delivered and when.  

Our production centres are HIPAA compliant and is an ISO 27001:2013 data secure certified company. Working with US healthcare for nearly 2 decades has necessitated ensuring the highest level of data security in the workplace.

Our standard TAT starts with a 24- to 48-hour window and Numina can accommodate your requests for other turnaround timeframes as needed.